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 National Welfare Team

National Welfare Team is an NGO that has been serving the community since 2000. Our organisation provides support for senior citizens, economically unstable families and others. We also work towards promoting women empowerment and reducing poverty.

Our Story

IS AN NGO duly registered under Indian Trust Act of 1882 and has got the permanent registration under section 60 and rule 69, Book No.4,volume No: 1525-2020 (page from 4951 to 4973) being No. 152500 / 2020 in the office of the D, S, R. 3. North 24 Parganas, West Bengal , Dated: 29.06.2020. This NGO has been going for 20+ years but we recently have all our official document registered at 2020 we started with some five members to help pepole in need and relieve them from their distress, but now the growth has reached to more than 35000+ members. All these years we have put continued efforts in uplifting the welfare of all individuals


Promotion of Women Empowerment

We always support Woman Empowerment, As they want to start any kind of new business, or new venture, or whatever possible way they want, We always showcase their talent to reach a new height.


Prevention Of Domestic violence

women who faced violence need help as soon as possible. their mental and physical health are drastically affected . in this situation they need care, love, affection and moreover a supporting family. we provide them legal help, mental SUPPORT, FAMILY TAKECARE AND BETTER FUTURE.


Old Age Home

 senior citizen, who are alone or not taken care by their family, we are there for them. we provide them a better home, a better life, moreover a better livelihood which helps them more to feel like family.


Education of individuals

A primary goal of individual education is to make children self-sufficient, giving them the mean to become a productive member of society; to become mature and self-reliant.​


Promotion of Child Rights

Children’s and Adults have the same general human right to all forms of development. Emotional, Mental, Physical, is should be filled by proper care .people should empowered with their skills to promote child rights in their communities. A healthy development of children is crucial for the future well-being of any society. 


Food Bank

A Food Bank is a non-profit organization that gathers, prepares and distributes food to food pantries and meal Programs serving the needy. Food Bank acts as a storehouse and Distribution Facilities to end the hunger of people facing themselves.


National Welfare Team

National Welfare Team is an NGO that is committed to serving the community. We provide support to senior citizens, economically unstable families, and others in need. Our organisation also works towards promoting women empowerment and reducing poverty. Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the society.

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We have several projects lined up for the future that require funding. These projects include building a new community center, providing vocational training to women, and setting up a scholarship fund for underprivileged children.


How You Can Help!

There are several ways you can help National Welfare Team in its mission to serve the community. You can donate to our cause, volunteer your time, or spread the word about our organisation.


Our Mission

National Welfare Team is already undertaking several missions which will turn our visions into reality.These missions include a functioning society where the poor are not suffering from injustices of the world.


Our Vision

National Welfare Team is a Non-profit organisation which aims to end all welfare related issue that has become a crisis for our nation in recent times. We also aim to provide help to elderly citizens who do not have a place to call home,

Soup Kitchen

Our Management Sturcture


Governor Body

Core Committee 

National Body

District Body

State Body

NATIONAL WELFARE TEAM (NWT) focuses on internal reform to strengthen its planning, monitoring and evaluation function and this type of disciplined management have yielded results for the past 20 years. Our board members are required to appear for a meeting quarterly for matters regarding the future of our organisation. We focus on dedicated management of each and every project that we handle. We abhor micro-managing, as we are not into short term results. We also have a dedicated research team, who researches upon the basic needs of the community and the organisation as a whole.

We believe that decision making is a key part of any organisation. Our skilled decision-making management help in several factors such as planning, organization, direction and control. Decision making involves thinking and deciding before doing and its part of our function. The key strength of our decision-making capabilities is our values and principles that we use to guide our members.

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Founder & President

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